William Timmons

trombonist composer teacher



Will Timmons is currently a member of the United States Air Force Ceremonial Brass which performs around the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area. Ceremonies include funerals, promotions, retirements, state arrivals and other high-profile functions for the US Military.

Prior to joining the Ceremonial Brass, Will performed two seasons as a member of the New World Symphony Orchestra based in Miami Beach, Florida under artistic director Michael Tilson Thomas.

He has performed with the National Symphony Orchestra, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Dayton Philharmonic, Columbus Symphony Orchestra, Artosphere Festival Orchestra (inaugural season), Florida Grand Opera Orchestra, South Carolina Philharmonic, and the US Army Field Band.

He has performed under the baton of Osmo Vänskä, Susanna Mälkki, Robert Spano, David Zinman, Ludovic Morlot, James Gaffigan, Alasdair Neale, Emil de Cou, Corrado Rovaris, Robert Berndhart, Mark Wigglesworth, Sir Neville Marriner, and John Adams.

As a chamber musician, he has performed with the Dallas Brass and the Crescent Brass. Will is the creator of Infinitude, a brass chamber group that performs outreach programs in high schools and middle schools . The mission of this chamber group is to show how music can be fulfilling and enjoyable for both the performers and the listeners through interactive performances in schools. These performances reach out to student audiences that have never experienced classical music in this way before.

He was an active participant in the Alessi Seminar 2010 in Fossano, Italy.

Outside of classical music, Will enjoys performing with many groups of all different genres. Most recently, he collaborated with "Agape" featuring Nadia Harris. Agape is a cutting-edge group whose sound can only be described as "Dub, Funk, Soul, Nu-jazz, Ska, Broken Beat, Afro Beat, Batucada, Electronic, Neo Soul, Latin Soul, Drum and Bass, Psychedelic, Classical, etc. all thrown into a solar-powered blender running on maximum and served hot in certified organic bio-degradable cups."


Will Timmons began composing music for orchestral instruments in high school. Since then, he has written works for all ranges of ability from high school groups and college ensembles to professional level recital programs performed by professors at universities and conservatories.

His musical style is not completely undefined. He composes in many different styles. He has also started to incorporate electronic music as a medium in his music compositions and arrangements. With interests in techno as well as church music, he combines the two to make ElectroHymns.

A majority of his output has been devoted to brass music due to his extreme familiarity with the instruments. He has, however, written music for string quartets as well as mixed ensembles and solo piano. In addition, he has composed a complete work for middle school band, written for the music program where he started his musical training.


"Teaching is something that I am deeply passionate about. The thought of putting energy into helping someone improve and seeing them take that energy, transforming it into their personal journey is extremely exciting.

"I feel like everyone is on a journey. Some people know where they want to go... others are unsure. As a teacher, I can give a boost to those who know where they are going, and I can help others discover what they want to pursue. Both are very satisfying.

"My goal as a teacher is to empower my students. I want to 'empower' them by giving them knowledge that they need and by helping to develop their deep thinking skills--What do you want to do? Why are you doing it? How do you go about doing it? This thought process gives meaning and clarity to everything that one decides to do and through this, one might proceed down a meaningful path in life.

"I strive to teach people what they need to be taught. Not everyone has embouchure problems or deficient airstreams. They may have confidence issues or life choices to make. I definitely consider this when addressing students. Often times, helping students with their personal lives actually helps their music-making come to life much more naturally.

"A great teacher is part pedagogue, part expert performer, part psychologist, part problem-solver, and part friend.

"If I can help people realize their own potential and spark the fire inside of them that burns to fulfill that potential, then I have accomplished the most difficult of goals. The rest is simple."